I WISH I COULD FLY is an ongoing interactive art project by Jessica Martin.  Through a series of interviews and events, Martin has gathered anonymous responses to questions about (1) risks people have taken and (2) things they wish they had the courage to do.  The responses are then shared with the world via events, a website, interventions, and exchanges.  The project asks us to look at our personal relationship with others in a time when the internet and other media champion voyeurism and exhibitionism.  How do we create profound experiences with one another?  Can we help others to realize their dreams?

An interactive piece was installed for the June, 2014 TedX conference at Sonoma Country Day School in Santa Rosa, CA, along with a video inspired by some of the responses.

For more information and to participate, go to: www.riskordream.com

I wish I Could Fly  2014

iphone video, 3min

click here to watch video

An overwhelming majority of the participants interviewed for the larger project mentioned wanting to skydive or fly. This film brings their written cards into the sky with some rookie skydivers.

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