{image: Michelle Blade}

OUT HERE is an annual tour and series of events that create revelatory experiences of art, community, and place.

With a focus on Sonoma County, we encourage collaborations between people in the area—artists, farmers, tourists, locals.  Together we navigate new, creative ways to think about and learn about place, uncover what goes unnoticed, and experience our surroundings with new perspective.

OutHere programs include exhibits, publications, performances, lectures, radio programs, community dinners, and an annual tour of Sonoma County through site-specific art projects.

Our commitment:

SUPPORT art that actively involves and is relevant to local culture, place and community.

ORGANIZE projects by creative visionaries who reveal new ways to think about art and our area.

INSPIRE an ongoing dialogue about creative practice and rural culture

CREATE a platform for artists to take risks and experiment with new approaches to making art

OUT HERE is the latest project produced by 428collective, slated to launch in spring 2016.  For more information, go to


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